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Save the Planet - Save Money - Save Seeds


Learn a fascinating and ancient craft

Saving seed is such a fascinating process that even without all the ecological and social benefits, it’s worth learning for the pure joy of working with plants in the intimate way that seed saving requires.

Steward rare varieties

By learning to save seed you can help to slow the extinction of plant varieties - did you know that in the last 100 years 90% of crop varieties have been lost?

From seed to seeds

You will discover a whole new side to your favourite plants by learning about how they reproduce and make seeds

Step One

Plant seeds

Step Two

Grow plants

Step Three

Save seeds

Be a part of building a better food system

By saving and swapping seed, you can be a part of building a food system that is far superior to what we have now. A food system that is more resilient, more diverse, and more socially and ecologically literate.

Learn through videos, text, and photos

The course is delivered through a mixture of videos, text, photos, and PDF info-graphics. There are also quizzes at the end of each module so you can test your knowledge.

"Your use of the video clips all the way through, and your warm, enthusiastic welcome at the start, means you don't feel alone doing it - you feel accompanied. Also the overall framework of the course makes it a lot more accessible to work through than reading a book about the subject"
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people take between 4 and 8 hours to complete the course, depending on their learning style

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The content is mainly focused on saving seeds from vegetables, but the principles and practices are widely applicable to all flowering plants.

Yes! The course is fully responsive to different devices.

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